English-style Pub Ale – 4.5% alc/vol 26 IBUs. Bittering hops: Liberty and Golding. Flavor hops: Golding, Liberty and Willamette. This session beer is smooth and drinkable with a full hop aroma and flavor. Made with North American ingredients in the English tradition.


Wet Hop Pub Ale – 4.5% alc/vol 40 IBUs. Hops: Wet Cascade from United Hops in Yuba City gives one of our bestselling beers a fresh twist. More bitter and hop forward than our regular pub ale this beer still packs plenty of malt punch into a session beer. The Wet Hops tobacco and herbal notes on top of the citrus tones usually displayed by cascade hops. Limited availability Bottles only


Saison – 6% alc/vol 20 IBUs. Bittering Hops: Tettnang and Golding. Aroma hops: Golding, Tettnang and Willamette. Dry hops: Tettnang and Willamette. Wheat adds a refreshing flavor backdrop and body to this dry and tart farmhouse style ale. This beer is complex, but balanced with interplay between yeast aromatics, hops, malt and unmalted wheat.


Bad Habit – 6% alc/vol. 27 IBUs. Bittering Hops: Golding and Tettnang. Flavor hops: Willamette. Rich flavors from Belgian yeast and dark crystal malt dominate in this flavorful brew which has a smooth finish and a mild chocolate aftertaste.


Monk Belly - 6% alc/vol. 27 IBUs. Bittering Hops: Golding and Tettnang. Flavor hops: Willamette. A surprisingly different variation on our Bad Habit made with a different Belgian yeast. Spicy phenols dominate, followed by a mellow fruitiness and a gentle maltiness.


Fair Hare – 5.5% alc/vol 30 IBUs. Bittering hops: Tettnang and Golding. Flavor hops: Tettnang and Golding. Dry hops: Amarillo. This blonde ale is crisp, with a light malt character and citrus notes from the dry-hopping.


Order of the Rabbit – 7.5% alc/vol 30 IBUs. Bittering hops: Tettnang. Flavor hops: Willamette. This Belgian-style dubbel showcases fruity esters from Belgian yeast against a firm backdrop of malt and candi sugar without being overly sweet.


Greybeard Old Ale – 8% alc/vol 40 IBUs. Bittering hops: Tettnang. This strong English-style ale has a very rich malt character with caramel and dark chocolate overtones. Dried fruit flavors and a slight warming feeling from alcohol are in the finish.


Golden Strong- 9% alc/vol 40 IBUs. Bittering hops: Golding. Flavor and Aroma hops: Willamette. A Belgian yeast provides the estery and phenolic flavor of this well attenuated (over 90%) beer which is balanced by a solid malt background and smooth hop bitterness and flavor.


IPA – 7% alc/vol 50 IBU. Bittering hops: Santiam, Centennial and Golding. Aroma and flavor hops: Santiam, Centennial, Golding, and Liberty. Dry hops: Centennial, Santiam, Golding and 07270 with a small cast of other supporting hops. Our IPA is hopped at 3 lbs/barrel and delivers plenty of hop punch, but is still balanced and smooth. We used West Coast hop varieties alongside American versions of traditional European varieties to create a complex hop profile without being overly bitter.


Imperial Stout – 10% alc/vol 60 IBU. Dark, rich, chocolatey and deceptively smooth, this is a beer made for savoring. A large dose of Golding hops provides just enough bittering to balance this heady brew. Dark malts are the stars of the stout and work together to provide a complex flavor combining coffee, chocolate and hints of dark fruit.


Vineyard Dubbel – 7.8 % alc/vol. This is a tart version of our Order of the Rabbit with 80 lbs of unsulfited cabernet grapes added after fermentation was complete for some intense wine flavors and a mellow amount of funk. Potent and rich, made to satisfy both beer and wine lovers.


Belgian IPA – 6% alc/vol. 60 IBU. Bittering and flavor hops: Santiam and Centennial. Dry hops: Santiam and Amarillo. Brewed with unmalted wheat and oats, coriander, lemongrass and a Belgian yeast. This dry, balanced beer has a complex flavor of floral and fruity hops, spices, wheat and esters.


Uglier Bunny Imperial IPA – 9.3% alc/vol. 90 IBU. Mash hops: Nugget. Bittering and flavor hops: 07270. Dry hops: 07270. An even bigger version of our Ugly Bunny made almost entirely with 07270. Hops went into this beer at every stage, even the mash. Dryhopped at 3.5 lbs/bbl this is a very hoppy, but still smooth beer. Citrus (mandarin orange), dank and pine aromas dominate. Hops dominate the palette, but are followed by quick taste of malt and then a firm bitterness.


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